Polly ~ Walk Off The Earth


Walk Off The Earth shot to fame with their cover of Gotye’s ‘Somebody You Used To Know’ and I assumed that they were one of those bands who would only be known for one-song hits (think Chumbawamba, you’ll know what I mean). Then, a friend of mine played this song on her phone, immediately piquing my interest – turns out that the band is quite a good cover band, but they do have some gems of original songs. After listening to their cover of Nirvana’s ‘Polly’, have a listen to Love Sponge. Sarah and Gianni are magic.

Follow Me ~ Maia Vidal


This woman is amazing. You’ll love her. More so, if you’re a fan of Yann Tiersen and Amelie.

Posterity ~ Soft Bullets


I am in love with this band. So in love with this band. LOVE THEM.

The Fear ~ Ben Howard


Watched this for the first time day before yesterday with the guy I kissed on New Year’s Eve.

Ever Since (Chasing A Ghost) ~ The Head and the Heart



Just feel it.

Andrew Belle ~ First Day Of My Life



Love ~ Always See Your Face


Just a nice morning song.

Pentagram ~ Lovedrug Climbdown


Tribute to this past weekend at Weekender 2011. Pentagram killed it. Magarpataaaa!!!

Feist~ How Come You Never Go There


As expected from Feist, this song has the perfect jazzed/chilled vibe to it for the perfect ending to a rainy day. Has become one of my favorites.

Hustle ~ Tunng


I heard this song for the first time a week ago, and it’s now my new morning song. I love it. When I finally fall in love with a boy, I am going to perform this song for him – complete with props and enthusiasm. So yes, future Boyfriend, be warned.

867-5309 ~ Tommy Tutone


One of those songs that if you listen to it once in the morning, you will end up playing on repeat for the rest of the day. And the next day. And then you will change your Gchat status to’ 8675309′ so that your friends will ask you what it means, and then you will force them to listen to the song and become addicted to it as well.

Invincible ~ OK GO


Excellent song to make out to.

Two Matchsticks ~ The Wooden Birds


Pleasant to listen to when you’ve a headache perched between your eyebrows like a frown.

Unattainable ~ Little Joy


Lovely laid-back music. This reminds me of rainy afternoons spent in the art studio, with the smell of oil paint in the air, sheets of ivory paper on wood tables and tubes of watercolors scattered around.

Next Time Around ~ Little Joy 

Their music is so enjoyable.

Folk You ~ Junkyard Groove


 The band announced its split-up a couple of days ago. ‘Folk You’ with its Tamil lyrics against a traditional rock background is one of my favorite songs.

Arlandria ~ Foo Fighters


From the new album Wasted Light, Groehl’s fans will not be disappointed. Brilliant guitar riffs and sing-song nursery rhyme type cadences  in their signature garage-rock style.

My Boy Builds Coffins ~ Florence & The Machine


This is the first track I heard by Florence & The Machine and was responsible for me becoming a fan of the band.  As you can tell by the title of the video, this is an extremely RARE version of the song – very bluesy grooveish. I’m so glad that I heard this  first, because I think that the other version’s quite soul-less. This is one of those songs that you listen to late at night, a lovely balance between the simple bluesy guitar tune and Florence singing her sweetly macabre lyrics. One of my all-time favorite songs.

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People


Repetitive.catchy.stick in the headish

Watch Over You ~ Alter Bridge


Yes, once in a while, the sister introduces decent music into my life. It’s been a while since I heard a song from the alternative rock genre that makes you smile because it is so reminiscent of all those alternative rock songs from high school you used to love. The lead singer sounds like Junkyard Groove’s lead vocalist doesn’t he?

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