This Song is Dedicated To Her..I Mean You

21 Jan

Fathead went for the Junkyard Groove concert last night, which apparently was an AMAZING show. She was all excited because we have been fans for years and this was her first time seeing them live in concert as her texts show:

8:22 – we entered wit the band…basically

9:48 – its SO aweesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


..and so on in this vein.

Oh I should mention that the lead singer of Junkyard Groove knows both my sister and me,  though he knows me better than her. So anyhoo, Fathead asked him to dedicate ‘Folk You’, her favorite Junkyard Groove song to her and she was all mega-excited because of the anticipated  special mention.

So in the middle of the concert, the band gears up to play ‘Folk You’ and Ameeth goes… “and this song is dedicated to a girl called…(insert my name here)”.



So she calls me up and tells me what happened while the song is playing and I’m laughing SO hard and for SO long that my lungs  literally feel fucked. Then she cut my call because I couldn’t hear a thing she was saying after that.So I texted her for confirmation and  she replies:

10:45 – he dedicated folk yu to me but he calls me by your name so that sucks

Awww.But still fucking hilarious.


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