Junkyard Groove:volti subito

13 Apr

Junkyard Groove announced that the band was going to split up today.

* speechless* for now


As you can tell I logged onto facebook on the morning of April 13th to face one of my biggest WTF moments ever – 3 members of Junkyard Groove announced that they were leaving the band. To add to the drama, the sole remaining member of the band, lead singer Ameeth Thomas’s name was noticeably absent from the band statement, leaving fans confused about the authenticity of the split-up announcement.

So of course the first thing I do is call Fathead.

“Ohmahgod did you hear about Junkyard Groove breaking up?!!”

“I knowwwwwwwww, holeee shite, have you talked to anyone about it??”

“I haven’t logged onto the chat, it has to be a joke, it *has* to be a joke right?”

“ohmahgod ohmahgod ohmagod ohmagod DO something, ohmagod!”

“what am I supposed to do?! You’re the one giving up meat for Lent – get God to compensate you for the sacrifice!”

“ask them to stop acting like such idiots and just get over their issues…shit shit shit.. slap my ass and call me suzy! this *cannot* be happenin”


Yes, um, so we go all Yank when dealing with disaster. Commanded by the sister to investigate further, I obediently logged onto facebook chat and asked Ameeth what the hell was happening, and was told that he “had no fucking idea”. Great.

Anyone who knows me the slightest bit will tell you that if I* ever* refuse coffee, you will know that something is seriously wrong in my world: I did not have a single cup of coffee for the rest of the day.

By nightfall, Ameeth confirmed the announcement that the band was indeed broken up, wished the other three the best for their musical futures, and then announced a new line-up.

The news is upsetting because Junkyard Groove is a talented homegrown Madras band. Like a shot of whiskey, listening to one of their songs  infuses you with an explosion of warmth and makes you immensely fond of them and everyone else around you. Many fans, though tolerant about the new line-up, are sure to claim that the intoxicating magic created by the personalities of the four founding members will be absent.

The original crew will be missed.  Much.


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