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the chaos is what makes the coffee worth it

29 Jun

Learn to cook SOMETHING (even maggi would do).

I can confirm that I can tick/cross out No. 7 on my Things I Will Do in 2011 List. I can confirm that I can now make Maggi by myself in an electric cooker. Because I know how willing you all will be to disbelieve me, I have documented my accomplishment and exhibit the evidence in the following picture:

Anyhow, greeeeetings my brethren. It has been almost, what, a month since I last blogged? I know that most of you probably don’t care a flying fuck about what I’ve been up to, but for the sake of my ego, I’m going to pretend that I was sorely missed anyways.

But what has been keeping me away you ask? (all agog)

Oh, not much. Just got myself an apartment, and furniture, and had people over to stay with me, and music concerts (of course), an awful amount of ATM withdrawals and bills unfortunately. Defying capitalism is a bitch. Remind me to be super rich in ten years, okay?

It’s been crazy this month. First off, finding an apartment to stay at in any city is almost as hard a task as getting my sister to record a song. Thanks to me, we finally found a place and signed the lease. It feels like home. Though I haven’t done up my room as yet, I’m quite pleased with it so far. I’ve a small oval cane table with a glass top on which I can place my laptop and a small cane shelf in which to put my random second hand books, plus my Open magazines in. I don’t have a bed; instead I’ve a huge mattress with a lovely, faded indie-looking green and brown bedspread from Fabindia. And I’ve got a mini balcony all to myself.

Due to all this necessary expenditure (the deposit + rent + furniture + water) we have not been able to acquire other necessities such as a fridge or a stove as yet. Why were we buying furniture if we hadn’t bought survival-dependent equipment first? Well, even if we did die of starvation, we figure that at least the apartment would look pretty to our mourners.  I have a renewed commitment to elegance, in case you think I’m just spending money for the fun of it.

I digress. One of my flatmates has an electric cooker which he uses to make rice and soup in. So, I used it to make myself maggi – WHICH IS COOKING alright. Once we do get a hot plate or a stove, I will make French fries or something more industrious and challenging and show you all that I am capable of creating the miracle of food. Anyways, that’s another item crossed off the checklist =]

The confusion of moving house, settling in, having people over to smoke up and getting my 17 year old cousin drunk for the first time, being told that I was as ‘charming as a potato’, carefully plotting how to kill the pigeons who live outside my bathroom window, shopping for second hand books in Abids, and finding a delicious cupcake shop (leaving hastily after finding out that they were sold at Rs. 515/- for 15 cupcakes) has been chaotic to say the least. But what I’ve finally realized…is that all the chaos is what makes coffee worth it.