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In my Room

26 Sep

Today I am giving you the inside look into my humble abode. My tiny apartment is bereft of heirloom silverware and uppercrust belongings, as one might expect. Instead, there are secondhand books strewn across my single mattress which lays flat on the floor and my walls are covered with art and gig posters.

My sister gave me this wonderful glitter lamp for Christmas (it’s AWESOMELY trippy), which just recently made it onto my glass-topped oval table. It keeps company with a random bunch of objects – a Zippo lighter fluid, a pretty tile box that I’m collecting Rs. 5 gold coins in, Faber Castell watercolor pencils and a mini collection of a Reader’s Digest special edition.

Whenever I’m upset or angry – I end up indulging in art. So I bought myself some nice canvas and a sketchbook as well.

This is what I’m currently working on at the mo:

And there are exhibits of my quirkiness all over the room:








Quite the whimsical eh.

Omegle conversations 2

16 Sep


4 Sep

I’m not terribly fond of kids – I mean they smell like evil little goblins and if they break your things, you aren’t allowed to yell at them for some reason. My sister on the other hand is the sort of person who likes children – and no, not in a ‘she likes children for breakfast’ sort of way. Either ways, she’s clearly the type of person to whom you could entrust your child, while I on the other hand look like (a cooler, modern version of) the Wicked Witch of the West. Which is why the lady who hired me to be my mum’s substitute at the Elementary School she teaches at, clearly must have been high on crack.

It could have been a lot worse I suppose. The first day, I had two kids with desperate expressions on their faces, wailing, screaming and banging at the Kindergarten door to be let out. The other teachers walking by shot me appalled glares aimed probably at my poor ‘teaching’; I of course found the whole situation hilarious.

The thing about kids though is that you can afford to be stupid with them, because since you’re the grown-up, they tend to believe everything you say (I might be responsible for a couple of kids who believe that dinosaurs exist and that it is possible to dig a hole to China. Ah well, everything’s possible till proved not right?). What’s always fascinating about talking with children is that they have such weird ideas about things. I mean it’s like they create their own reality – and you’re like how the hell are they thinking? I mean look at the picture. It’s a picture that Maya drew of me. I mean, like, what is that, WHAT?

I’m not crazy I swear, I’m just drawn that way.

Maya was one of my favorites when I was teaching – she couldn’t say her Rs as yet. One of my favorite conversations with her is as follows:

Me(pointing to a stick-man figure doodle): Ooh who’s that?

Maya:That’s Yohan


Maya:No! Yohan!

Me:Yohan? Yess..That’s what I said.

Maya:No! No! Yohan.He’s my brother’s fyend.

…there is a brief moment of silence…

Me: Waiit.Do you mean Rohan?

Maya:Yeah! Yyyohan.I told you!

Small Girl(helpfully from the side): Maya doesn’t know how to say rrrr

Me: You don’t say.

What it comes down to with kids is that once they accept you for the weird quirky person you are (who bribes them with sweets to do their assignments) – it’s like their affection is unconditional and enduring. I went back to Elementary to visit this month and Aiden (another of my favorites) saw me and ran over to me to give the hugest hug. It totally made my trip.

So, I guess even if they smell evil; kids aren’t trolls (hah, I know how profound right).  They remind of a quote by Maya Angelou “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.