In my Room

26 Sep

Today I am giving you the inside look into my humble abode. My tiny apartment is bereft of heirloom silverware and uppercrust belongings, as one might expect. Instead, there are secondhand books strewn across my single mattress which lays flat on the floor and my walls are covered with art and gig posters.

My sister gave me this wonderful glitter lamp for Christmas (it’s AWESOMELY trippy), which just recently made it onto my glass-topped oval table. It keeps company with a random bunch of objects – a Zippo lighter fluid, a pretty tile box that I’m collecting Rs. 5 gold coins in, Faber Castell watercolor pencils and a mini collection of a Reader’s Digest special edition.

Whenever I’m upset or angry – I end up indulging in art. So I bought myself some nice canvas and a sketchbook as well.

This is what I’m currently working on at the mo:

And there are exhibits of my quirkiness all over the room:








Quite the whimsical eh.


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