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I wear her face on my ass

19 Oct

As various men will testify, I wear strange underwear. This, is my newest acquisition, picked up at the Tibetian Plaza in Bangalore:










She looks quite the I-Am-A-Red-Lipstick-Wearing-Blonde-Bombshell-But-I-Will-Kick-Your-Ass-If-You-Piss-Me-Off woman doesn’t she? Now when I say ” I look harmless, but inside I’m totally bad-ass”, I can snigger to myself. Yes, I’m strange ok.

Things I Need

6 Oct

People to take care of me

More snail mail

A regular supply of food (that does not come out of a pack)

New music

Less ambiguity


A Polaroid camera


To hug a dog

To feel more alive


2 Oct

Sometimes I wish the phone would ring and it would be someone who really knows me calling at exactly the right time, to ask me “Is everything OK?”

And instead of lying and saying I’m fine, I could cry and admit the truth.