Birthday heart balloons

13 Dec

I just realized that I can sort of tick off another item from the Things to Do in 2011 list –   Buy myself 50 of those red heart balloons at a go. It was my birthday a couple of months ago, so I met up with Evil Genius to celebrate my parents’ successful reproductive abilities with a birthday beer.  When we were drunk enough to walk and not stumble over, we left. When we reached the road, I noticed the balloon seller across the road, clutching  the strings to around 70 red heart balloons which levitated above his head in a scarlet cloud. I must’ve mumbled my usual wistful, “Ohhh I want those”, because the next minute I was running after Evil Genius through rush-hour traffic  at night towards the seller.

He didn’t buy me 50 balloons, but it was enough to make me happy. I grinned all the way home and the red hearts floated around in my room for the next week making me smile every time I saw them until I thought of other things to do.


One Response to “Birthday heart balloons”

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