The Canada question

12 Jan

Since we’re being honest, I am going to tell you about this choice I have to make. It’s about Canada obviously, I believe all my readers are intelligent enough to have guessed that. Basically, I’ve been offered a plane ticket to visit Canada. “Why aren’t you on the plane already?” you ask with one eyebrow arched. Well, if I go, it’ll be in the summer after I’ve quit my job and figured out my post-graduation plans. Plus I still have to decide whether to go or not. “But it’s a ticket to Canada! Whyever would you *not* go?” you demand, raising the eyebrow higher. The person who offered to pay my way, you see, is a boy, whom I have history with. The whole trip will be terribly expensive so I’ll feel all Catholic Guilty about it. And yes, it’ll be so much fun, but there will be complications. It’s me, of course there will be complications. So, I have not made up my mind about it. I figure I have plenty of time to argue with myself and come to a decision. In the meantime, I’ve created a Canada Gauge to show you which way I’m leaning. So, here, I present:


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